Personalized Moment

Easily capture, share and preserve all
the meaningful moments of your life

Travel Moment

Create Mini Documentaries of all your vacations, adventures and the interesting places you visit

Friends and Family
Add moments from the lives of people who matter


Music and Dance Recitals, Little League, Clubs and Hobbies


CreateBirth, Baptism, Graduation, Marriage


Music, Books, Movies, Performances

Digital Souvenirs

Immersive videos in real-time create long-lasting engagement between brands and fans through their great experiences.

White Label Apps for your Brand

Our apps are ideal for sales organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce
and tourist organizations. We have a visual presentation system, which combines audio, video, conferencing, video on-demand,
and broadcast. We have customized templates for sales, schools, training and allows all processes to be customized for each organization.

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Powerful Storytelling system can be used to preserve, protect and promote your organization.