Live Broadcast

@ Scale 1k, 100k, 1M Simultaneous streams

3-in-1 Live Broadcast Platform

All in One Streaming, Conferencing, Broadcasting and Video On Demand Platform. Support for Blackmagic HDMI capture devices,
iPhone and Mac screensharing. A live camera switcher lets you direct the show in real time.Support for saved scenes
means you can compose scenes in advance, complete with on-screen titles and split screens.
tracking the effectiveness of each social action in real time.

Remote Guests

Add Remote Guests With Lifescape Live which includes a powerful Interview feature for easily adding guests to your broadcast.Simply send your guests a web link to join the show for instant split-screen and picture-in-picture layouts.


Empower your Remote Clients or Workforce with Secure Two-Way Video Conferencing. Augment your existing in-person experience by integrating highest-fidelity Dolby Audio with incredible video quality

Enterprise Workflow

Introduce end-to-end workflow, whether you are promoting your organization, empowering your sales force, or providing client care directly to your customers in an Enterprise-Grade Secure environemtn, protecting against fraud.

Professional Live Broadcast

On the Fly Professional Curation allows a master of ceremonies to manage each interaction.

Broadcast Special Occasions such as weddings “Live from the Woodstock Inn”.

Corporate Off-sites can broadcast directly on the Lifescape App.

It is the closet thing to being in the rOOm!

We integrate with the leading workflow platforms, allowing all of your processes, whether it be customer service, employee on boarding, process training, or supplier engagement to occur just like it would in the physical world.


Create powerful forms, automate workflows, streamline your document generation.


Flexible Electronic Signature Software for Any Team. Business moves faster when anyone can eSign documents from anywhere.


We have the ability to integrate with all of the major authorization and ecommerce platforms.


Virtual Tickets are delivered from our platform with continuous communication updates to all attendees

Variable Presenters / Performers

On the Fly Professional Curation allows a master of ceremonies to manage each interaction.

Gambling & Betting

Supports Live Casino Broadcast, bringing everyone to the Casino Floor.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, WhatsAPP, and Tik Tok out of the box allows you to promote your event far and wide.

Global Sales Meetings

Is your workforce distributed? Allow your CEO the ability to stream high quality video in a 2 screen environment.

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Lifescape uses tried and true marketing techniques, combined with
advanced personalization techniques to deliver measurable results for your business.