Digital Asset Management‚Äč

Lifescape's D.A.M. platform makes it easy to create, curate, organize, search, protect, control, display and share digital assets.

1.Moment Management System

Our system makes it easy to create, curate, organize, search and find all the great moments of your life.

2.Social Sharing

Use Lifescape to easily locate your best moments, add comments and share them through multiple social sites.

3. Communication Platform

Powerful networking and Multi-Modal Chat platform allows
individuals groups and families to share moments in-app, in-channel and in-moments.

Digital Asset Management System

Our powerful archive and retrieval platform delivers a
consolidated approach to records management including granular index and search,
data classification and migration, retention and deletion, litigation hold and data deduplication

Data classification

Supports automated data classification minimizing the cost of storage and aligns data value with storage methods. Specify the number of copies, retention period, storage tier and storage location, and automate the movement of data across multiple storage tiers across multiple facilities

Workflow & Data Migration

Data movement is automated using artificial intelligence and machine learning allowing content contributors to customize number of copies, retention period, storage tier, and storage. Automates the movement of data from obsolete resources to new resources - eliminating manual intervention

Metadata features

A complete set of metadata management features including data modelling and all metadata attributes can be queried and policies assigned to them. Additional metadata includes client/subclient policies, security, job IDs and timestamps.

Scalability & Security

There are no limitations to the number of records supported, number of users or number of servers. Our encryption uses U.S. government-approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and allows a complete audit and access trail.

Historical Archives

Lifescape sees a need for educational, cultural, and governmental archives to be better organized, managed, interconnected, and accessible to broader audiences.

Organizes digital assets in a central location

Tags images automatically by using artificial intelligence

Locates media files quickly using sophisticated search capabilities

Automates watermarking for images

Platform Features

Encode and Transcode on the Fly

Lifescape's transcoding engine is capable of processing all user generated content from any format, codec and data rate to any format you need for archiving or delivery.

Artificial Intelligence & ML

Using AI and Machine Learning, the system recommends the next moment to be displayed, based on previous behaviour and rules set out by the curator.

Custom Attributes

Custom attributes allow you to extend the set of properties that define devices to accommodate information of your own. For example, you can create an Asset Tag attribute and specify a value for each moment

Embedded Metadata

The system pulls all available
technical data such as camera, location and
aperture, exposure and all other relevant information.