The World's First Intelligent
Digital Asset Management Platform

Lifescape's Digital asset management (DAM) is an API driven platform for creating, storing and sharing
context relevant "memories" or "moments" via social media, mobile apps or desktop applications. The platform consists
of a storage system, encoding system, proximity and broadcast system for intelligent retrieval of all your digital assets.

Captured Moments

Digital souvenirs that combine professional media with selfies to allow you to capture, share and preserve your great experiences.

Live Moments

Weddings, little league, concerts or your backyard BBQ can be broadcast in high definition to one or 1,000, or even 1 Million viewers

Triggered Moments

Moments are automatically delivered based on location, affinity or topic. Friends and relatives can discover, relive & append moments.

Scanned Moments

Scan a poster, coffee table book or map. Moments come to life in 360 degree video or right multimedia moments.  

Integrated Delivery Platform

Engage audiences with immersive video content. Track performance and collect valuable metrics from your viewers
Track performance and collect valuable metrics from your viewers.

Portable Live Encoding

Ideal for live event or Video Dn Demand in a classroom setting.

Video Transcoding

Encode Video Files for true Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Streaming

Broadcast to any device.

Stream to all devices via our HTML5 video player

Fully Customizable. Our Technology. Your Brand​

Our apps are ideal for sales organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce
and tourist organizations. We have a visual presentation system, which combines audio, video, conferencing, video on-demand,
and broadcast. We have customized templates for sales, schools, training and allows all processes to be customized for each organization.

What our clients have to say

"Lifescape is a powerful platform that organizes and displays content in new and compelling ways. Its ability to contextualize media and information stimulates discovery and enables users to create connections and draw conclusions they would not be able to do on a static site."

Aaron Rubinstein

University and Digital Archivist

"Lifescape will change the way content and media is marketed and consumed across the world. It’s a product people don’t even realize they need... but after using it, they will wonder how they ever lived without it."

Neil Braun

Former Chairman, Viacom Entertainment

Commonly Asked Questions

Moments can be historic, personal, events or occasion based.

  • What is a Moment?
  • A moment is a curated piece of “snackable” content that summarizes a special event at a specific place and point in time.

  • Why should brands create "brand moments"
  • For brands, Moments extends the reach and depth of the content by allowing publish, republish and rejuvenation of existing content that may have been lost in a content graveyard.

  • What is a channel?
  • Moments can be attached to one or more individual channels in order for rapid access and distribution.

Fully Customizable
Our Technology. Your Brand

Powerful Storytelling system can be used to preserve, protect and promote your organization.