Lifescape is an integrated web and mobile platform that improves the way content is created, organized, curated, displayed, shared, preserved. Lifescape uses content to improve engagement between brands, archives, and consumers.

What We Do

Lifescape improves the way content is used to connect people to the world around them… including friends, family, brands, archives, and their experiences. We also make it easy to organize meaningful content, share it, discuss it, and preserve it forever.


Multi-media Moments
Multi-media Moments allow all different forms of content and media to be combined, curated, and contextualized into snack-sized presentations. We make content more engaging, stories more compelling, information more powerful, and important events more memorable.
Spectrum/Tile Views
The Lifescape Spectrum and Tile Views allow users different ways to discover and enjoy content stored in Lifescape. Moments can be viewed by TOPIC or TIME: day by day, month by month, year by year, or decade by decade. Lifescape’s different views are powerful ways to tell the history of people, locations, and things.
Captured Moments
Captured Moments are customized Moments designed to help users capture their great experiences like concerts, Broadway plays, or watching their favorite team at a sports venue. The brand provides professional media that users can personalize by adding selfies and a comment. The Moment can then be shared via social media.
The Lifescape Time-Matrix organizes, preserves, and displays Moments in the context of both TIME and TOPIC. This visual and contextual framework can easily organize tens of thousands of Moments, making important content more discoverable and easier to enjoy today… and tomorrow.
Lifescape’s Proximity platform allows content to be connected to the physical world. Beacons can be connected to tourist sites and venues and programmed to deliver content at the perfect place and time. Beacons can also be networked to provide self-guided tours.
Digital Souvenirs
Digital Souvenirs are customized Moments that use media and information connect tourists with tourist sites and venues. Digital Souvenirs can be used in advance to plan trips, and can be connected to create self-guided tours. Add selfies and a comment and the Digital Souvenir can be shared through social media and saved forever.

Lifescape for Consumers

Lifescape helps consumers combine and curate all forms of digital content to create engaging personal and family histories. We also make it easy to capture important events, learn about and remember the great places people visit and to connect them with the brands that enrich their lives.

Lifescape for Brands

Brands can be an integral part of a consumer’s Lifescape experience. Connect with fans during their great events. Be an integral part of their vacation. Have your professional media, message, and brand embedded in the Moments that are shared on social media. And be a part of the memory that is saved in the consumer’s Lifescape. Brands can also sponsor content from the world’s great archives.

Lifescape for Archives

Lifescape helps archives increase the power of the content in their historic collections by increasing discoverability, making their content more contextual, and connecting their content to the world through mobility, proximity, and augmented reality. Lifescape’s Time-Matrix can easily organize and display 100,000 pieces of content, making it easier for people to discover, comment upon, and share the content.  
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